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What is Keratin?

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To understand the skin, we must be familiar with its key components. Keratins are important components because they are  are a family of fibrous structural proteins that make up skin, hair and nails; more specifically a major component of the  keratinocyte, the leading cell of the epidermis. Critical to the strength of keratin, and therefore skin health is the nutrients and environment required for its formation.

This short course explores the structural protein keratin, and answers the question "what is keratin?" 
To fully understand the skin is to understand its components, and when some of these components are not being formed correctly; a skin condition can develop. Understanding the protein keratin is an important subject because the keratinocyte, which the leading cell of the epidermis, is made of keratin. The Objective of this class is to learn about keratin. How it is formed, the different types of keratin, what a cell requires to create keratin with strength and integrity; and to be able to analyse a skin that has weakened keratin. 

Recommended prior learning: basic anatomy & physiology

Typical completion time 25 minutes
This course is awarded 0.3CPD points or 0.7 CE's