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The Pastiche Learning Pathway is a module based system each containing multiple units of learning, each module concentrating on a specific aspect of skin characteristics.
This format will enable you to quickly advance your knowledge and gain educational accreditation in Advanced Skin Analysis to become a Professional Skin Diagnostic Technician, or to top up current knowledge with industry leading education.

How do I learn The Pastiche Method?

This method is relevant for those who are

►   A qualified Aesthetician/Beauty Therapist with at least 800 hours or more of vocational training.

►  Looking to develop skills as a Skin Diagnostician or Skin Treatment Specialist

►  Seeking advanced knowledge on skin physiology and biochemistry



The Pastiche Method, is a style of learning delivered as a whole or in parts with the Pastiche Learning Pathway as shown below, and in accordance with international CPD guidelines, Pastiche Resources allocates CPD points for both Live Events and Online Courses.

Pastiche Learning Pathway icon

The e-Learning can be completed sequentially by MODULES for those wanting a full coverage of all skin diagnostic principles and to achieve certification as a 'Professional Skin Diagnostic Technician'.

It is then easy to go on to complete:

Independent Specialist Subjects or to attend Live Events held globally with full confidence that you will achieve maximum benefits due to your full understanding of the subject matter.