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Donna Glazer

Donna Glazer

Donna Glazer-Skin educator-UK

Donna's Skin school will offer you advance training in the skin and its many conditions. It will open your mind to the new understanding of how this organ works and importantly, how to treat it.

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About Donna Glazer
The expert : The teacher : The skin therapist 
Amazingly, Donna's career started shortly after leaving school, enabling her to quickly build up a strong clientele list coining her as ‘the skin whisperer’, all of whom continue to remain loyal clients today. It was when she decided to set up on her own at the young age of 20 that her career really excelled.
Clientele consists of her regulars, celebrities, beauty journalists, other skin therapists and beauty junkies alike. Quite simply, the skin fascinates Donna, and unlike other skin therapists, she is not about a hard and fast sale but instead focuses on your skin as a living organ. She treats a vast array of client’s concerns by focusing on her knowledge of the physiology of the skin as well as the emotional effects it may have on an individual.
Donna maintains a strong philosophy of thoroughly understanding each person’s skin, background and lifestyle to give realistic and accurate, yet achievable goals. It is this approach that has ensured her success and a rapidly growing reputation. Donna’s hands-on approach enables her to meet clients regularly for appointments and follow ups; diagnosing and advising them with the best treatments suitable for their skin. Also from having access to the latest technology and education, she feels privileged to be part of the industry which she relays onto her clients.
Staying loyal to the teachings of her mentor, skin educator and good friend, Florence Barrett Hill, Donna continues to study and train in the physiology of the skin. Without fail she attends the latest skin conferences and symposiums around the world to make sure she is always ahead of her game.
As Thomas Edison once said: ‘The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame.’ We want to make your skin beautiful, healthy and happy!


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