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Do you do discount for groups wanting to study?

Yes! We provide discounts for groups of learners from the same clinic, school, or common interest group. To confirm costs (dependant on group size) and conditions, contact


Do you provide certificates for your courses?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion for all modules/courses successfully completed. You can download your certification upon successful completion of the module/course.
Our courses also attract CPD points as per international guidelines on vocational development. More information here.
Some of our compliance courses have additional accreditation from independent providers. See individual course details.


Do I need to purchase any books to complete the ASA course? If so, how do I go about that?

Yes, we have recommended texts that are an integral part of the course content. If you enroll in the complete Advanced Skin Analysis course, they are included in the cost, and provided as e-books.
If you purchase the modules in the pay as you go option they are not, and can be purchased from this website.
There are options for individual books and the entire Advanced Skin Analysis course library.


Does the ASA course look at holistic causes of skin disorders and disease?

Yes, The Pastiche Method examines in detail all contributing factors to skin health.


How long do I have to complete the Advanced Skin Analysis course?


You have a maximum of 3 months from enrollment to complete each module of the course, however average learning time is 4 - 6 weeks. 
If you enrol for the complete Advanced Skin Analysis program, you have 15 months. Extensions for individual modules available upon request at no cost.



How long will the entire ASA learning pathway take and how much will it cost?

Each of the 7 modules of Advanced Skin Analysis program can be completed in less than a week if the learner is focused and has the time available. Average time is generally 4 weeks per module, so all modules could be done over a 5-6 month period part-time with ease. 


My computer skills are not great, can I manage the e-learning?

You need minimal skills to use our distance learning. As long as you follow the instructions in the orientation section of how to use the system you should have no problems. 


On a multi-module course, how do I enrol and pay for the next module?


You enroll for each module separately, and pay the fee on enrollment. As you are already a registered learner, you automatically receive your logon access link via your nominated email.
If you are undertaking the complete Advanced Skin Analysis course, you only pay at the very beginning, with codes issued at the end of each module to access the next.



Will I be able to apply to use natural products along with the knowledge gained from this course? (I.e. no chemical products)

Yes, The Pastiche method is non-product or treatment philosophy aligned. You can apply the knowledge gained to any treatment philosophy or modality.


Will I have access to all modules unlimited whenever I need to refresh my knowledge?

Unfortunately, no. As with most seminars and courses, you have limited time periods to complete the modules, (dependant on size of modules) followed by a review period of 7 days after course completion.
If your learning account is still active however, (You are undertaking other courses) then you will still have access to all the courses in your library.
Remember you will still have your course notes and printed resources if you have downloaded them.


Will I require any expensive machines or devices to use your method?

Not at all. The only devices we recommend are tools for diagnostic purposes only, and are optional to the methodology.
They are used to confirm findings and allow the diagnostic process to be conducted more quickly. Many clients will take more notice of and be more confident what interventions and treatments you are prescribing when they can see the results of the skin measurements for themselves.


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