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Rosacea: Triggers and subtype classification

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Rosacea is a challenging skin condition for any skin treatment practitioner. The accepted aggravating factors of the Rosacea skin are well known, however this lecture goes beyond the common triggers of Rosacea inflammation and explores those least understood;
those linked to the endocrine system, adrenal stress, overactive enzyme activity and changes to cellular organelle function.


This course is essential for a complete understanding of the condition and covers the physiology, biology and morphology of Rosacea; with particular emphasis on its cellular triggers.
We will also explore the different sub-types of Rosacea and how to recognise them. 

The Objective of this course is for the learner to understand the following: 
• Understanding that Rosacea is a multi-faceted condition
• There are a number of triggers and aggrivating factors
• The innate immune system is a major factor in the Rosacea condition
• How to diagnose the different types of Rosacea
• How to prepare protocols of daily care and better treatment options

  • Typical completion time: 3 hours 45 mins (Continuous engagement)
    Awarded 4 CPD points or 5.3 CE's.