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ASA Module 1 - Advanced Skin Anatomy & Physiology

The complete ASA (Advanced Skin Analysis) course modules are detailed below:


Module one: Advanced Skin Anatomy & Physiology.

This module is an exploration of the anatomical, physiological & morphological aspects of the skin.
The purpose of this in-depth component of the course is to provide an understanding of how the skin works and the various mechanisms that contribute to skin health and normal function. Only by understanding this can we recognize what has gone wrong when presented with anomalous skin conditions.
This first module comprises of 9 units of learning (lessons) covering the following:
•Internal cell structure
•Stem cells and skin development
•What is keratin and why is it important?
•Cells and systems of the epidermis and dermis
•Cell to cell communication
•Lifecycle of the keratinocyte
•The Formation of the Acid mantle ecosystem
•Skin Microbiome formation
•Biological cellular damage

Typical contact/completion time: 10 hours